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2015 Cranston Western Little League
Nick supporting the 2015 New England Champion Cranston Western Little League

I will continue to serve as a strong voice for Cranston at the State House. My focus has been on reducing the tax burden on Cranston homeowners and small businesses and ensuring Cranston schools have the resources to prepare our children for fruitful and productive careers.

A few examples:

  • I initiated a six-year phase-out of the car tax. The first two years of the plan saved Cranston car owners $5 million, with 17,000 vehicles in the city no longer being taxed at all.  When the tax is completely eliminated in four more years, Cranston car owners will save $21 million each year, and 57,000 cars in the city will not be taxed.
  • Under my leadership, the state budget annually contains increased education aid and direct relief to the City of Cranston to stabilize our tax base. Since becoming Speaker in 2014, Cranston has received more than $18 million in additional state assistance – from $43.3 million to its present $61.9 million.
  • The Cranston Police Department was provided $65,000 in state funding for school safety officers’ patrol vehicles.
  • The state’s Corporate Tax was reduced to the lowest rate in the Northeast to retain and attract small businesses.


I will continue to be a passionate advocate for Cranston organizations that work every day to bring a sense of community to our city.  During the past year, I secured state assistance for the following community groups:

  • American Legion Auburn Post
  • CLCF basketball, baseball, football, softball, golf, soccer, and track
  • Comprehensive Community ActionDSC_7845
  • Cranston Western Little League
  • Cranston Historical Society
  • Cranston Police Department for school resource officers
  • Cranston Public Library
  • Gateways to Change
  • Greater Cranston Chamber of Commerce
  • Hope Highlands Elementary School PTO
  • Natasha Love Foundation
  • Oaklawn Grange
  • Oaklawn School PTG
  • Mary’s Feast Society
  • Vincent DePaul Food Center
  • Special Olympics
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